Operating as the Canadian Partner to the International Publishing Company, Global Village.World, Global Innovation Marketing Canada is based in Vancouver , British Columbia, with local partners in other cities around Canada.

The company focuses mainly on publishing and promotion of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Canada through the very popular “Innovate” series of high end Legacy Publications.

The first Canadian Innovate Project kicked of in Montreal in July 2018 in partnership with Brahm Glickman, a seasoned professional whose strengths lie in Communications, Sales and Strategic Partnerships.

Already boasting a number of big name participants, Innovate Montreal is set to be a great success – Spreading the story of Montreal Innovation & Entrepreneurship throughout the world.

We are currently looking for a partner to become the publisher of Innovate Toronto, the next book in our series on Canadian Innovation. 

If you have an affinity for Innovation and the printed word, feel free to contact us about becoming the Innovate Toronto Publisher.